A New Era in
Building Customer and
Brand Relationships

Blend the concept of personal sponsorship,
as seen in professional sports, with the social
and game play activities of consumers that
ultimately influence the success of your brand.
Reach Highly
Targeted Audiences
Reach and Communicate
with customers and fans
as they follow
their favorite sports
and entertainment
Sponsor Your
Yes, that's right.
Leverage the social nature
of online and mobile users
and their desire for
personal expression by
sponsoring them.
Create Brand
Through in app
messaging and sponsorship,
recognize and reward
customers which in turn
creates strong ambassadors
for your brand.
Your Data
Learn more about
your customers. A real-
time "verification" and
"enhancement" source
for existing data and
new customers.
The most effective platform ever for
brands to interact with golf enthusiasts
and fans of the game.